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Protecting your privacy and your information is a priority here at HNK Mag (“HNK Mag”, “we”, “us” or “ours”). This privacy notice explains what information we collect from website visitors (“You”), how we use it, who we share it with and how we protect it.

Please note that your access to our Website may be subject to third-party terms and conditions. Unless stated otherwise, this privacy notice only deals with the use of information collected by HNK Mag. You acknowledge that HNK Mag is not responsible for any such third-party terms and conditions, and their use of your information.

Please also note that if You are under 16 years of age, You must obtain parental consent before using the Website.

Information we do not collect

HNK Mag does not collect any personal information from You, such as name or email address. We do not send out newsletters or any other promotional content at this time.

There is no user registration process on this Website. Our content is accessible to anyone visiting this Website without having to submit any personal information.

Information we collect

Cookies and tracking technology

HNK Mag use cookies and other tracking technology (collectively, “Cookies”) to collect information on the Website.

We use Google Analytics (“GA”) to determine the number of users visiting our Website. GA records data such as your geographical location, device, internet browser, IP address and operating system; however, none of this information personally identifies You to HNK Mag.

We have also partnered with Microsoft Clarity (“MC”) to understand how users interact with our website. This data is used to to gauge the quality of our content, gain insights into how we can improve our Website and also for security purposes.

Links and embedded content

Our Website contains links and embedded content to third-party websites.

HNK Mag is a participant in the Amazon Associates program. Product links on our Website will take users to the appropriate product pages on the Amazon platform.

Please be aware that these websites are not owned or controlled by HNK Mag. These websites may collect data about You, including tracking your interaction through links and embedded content. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites. 

Personal correspondence

If You send us correspondence, such as emails or letters, through our Website, we may store such messages on our servers until a time at which we deem they are no longer relevant.

In case of any queries, please email us at

About HNK Mag

HNK Mag is an online magazine dedicated to helping Indian shoppers find the best home, office and kitchen products available on the market today.

At HNK Mag, we understand the challenges consumers face in choosing high-quality and reliable products among the multitude of products and brands on the market. We do the necessary research for you so that you can quickly and easily find products that fit your needs and requirements.

We analyse and compare the quality, features and performance of small appliances, large appliances, electricals, electronics, furniture, decor, tools and accessories. Our team also evaluates customer feedback, consumer preferences and industry trends of products and brands. Using this research, HNK Mag publishes reviews and guides on this website for Indian shoppers.

Additionally, we highlight deals and discounts for products and brands available through online marketplaces such as Amazon India. You can bookmark the HNK Mag website to quickly and easily find links to the best offers and trending deals online.

Let HNK Mag be your guiding light through the world of shopping.

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